Why you should use a staging server

A staging server should be used if you have an existing live WordPress website, and need to make content updates, re-develop your theme, update plugins, update WordPress, or make any other changes. An external staging server allows you to make and test the changes without putting the live site in any risk.
Among other reasons, this is useful for avoiding down time, thoroughly testing changes, showing changes to key stakeholders for approval before going live, and allowing developers to work on the site without having access to the live website.

Why you should use MirrorWP instead of your current staging process

  • Time and effort: Setting up a staging environment for your website can involve several complicated steps. MirrorWP takes care of the whole process with just one click, and it provides some additional useful features on top!
  • Lower risk: MirrorWP automatically sets up your staging site on an external cloud based server, which means there is no risk of causing issues to your live website during development.
  • Security: Your external staging server comes with it’s own FTP access and WordPress admin login. This means you can provide the logins to your developer and start making changes without putting the live site at risk.
  • Tracking: Stay fully aware of what changes have taken place on the staging environment, so you can quickly and easily push the changes to the live website when you are ready. MirrorWP allows you to easily view logs of coding changes as well as WordPress admin changes that have happened on the staging server.

Deploying back from staging to production

The power of MirrorWP is most effective in the staging setup phase. It removes all the work required in setting up a new server, copying the live wordpress website over, updating the site to work on staging, obtaining development access and keeping track of changes while they are happening.
When it comes time to deploy your changes back to production, your current process remains the same, but we do everything we can to make it easier. We do this by providing you:

  • A log of all file changes made.
  • A log of all changes made in WordPress admin (database changes).
  • Quick download buttons, so you could download the latest files and database from the staging server.
  • FTP and SSH access to the staging server.

Using your own domain name for the staging site URL

By default, the one-click setup process will assign your staging site to [site-name].mirrorwp.com. However if you wish to use your own domain such as [site-name].yourcompany.com, you can simply select this option when setting up the staging site. Selecting this option will require one extra step – you will need to point the DNS for [site-name].yourcompany.com to your MirrorWP staging server IP address.

Git and MirrorWP – automatic or manual modes

Git will be automatically set up on your MirrorWP staging server, and you can choose to use it in one of two modes.
If you currently use Git on your development projects, you may wish to use in manual mode, allowing you to commit changes to the Git server as you see fit.
If you don’t intend to use Git manually, it will by default run in automatic mode. In automatic mode, any changes to files on the staging server will be automatically committed to Git so you can view them at any time.